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“Not only did Sarah help both my kids get admitted to college early decision, she made the application process painless. They loved working with her and she helped them uncover interesting ideas to write about. Sarah guided them as they wrote essays that showed their unique selves. Hiring Sarah was one of my best parenting decisions!”

–Suzanne L. (student attending Brown University)

“What made Sarah’s service so different from the others we considered is that she limits the number of students she takes on. Sarah was in contact with our daughter every step of the way, prioritizing essays, keeping track of deadlines, checking in to confirm session times etc. And that made the process stress-free for my whole family! My daughter ended up getting in ED, but had all the essays for 7 other schools all ready to go.”

–Lauri J. (student attending Oberlin College)

“Beyond the college process, my son became a more confident writer and he and I both credit Sarah with teaching him those skills. He had to do a lot of drafts of his common application essay but by the time he and Sarah got to the last supplements, my son was writing these so much easier and faster. My husband and I read them all and were beyond impressed and proud of what he submitted. He was too and that was great to see.”

–Elisabeth C. (student attending Tufts University School of Engineering)

“I’m always so excited to recommend Sarah to other parents whose kids are starting the application process. I know I’m sparing them the stress that usually comes with this process and I know the caliber of the essays will be top-notch.”

–Siobhan L. (student attending University of North Carolina)

“Sarah really took the time and interest to get to know my daughter and brought out her best. This made a huge difference. She empowers students to really write essays they love and doesn’t force her ideas or opinions. Except when it comes to grammar and punctuation. My daughter really learned how to write at a higher level. This helped her succeed in college.”

–Lisa J. (student attending University of Pennsylvania)

“I wish I had known about Sarah for my first two kids! The essay-writing process was so much easier for my third. They brainstormed ideas and turned those ideas into essays that showed originality and personality. I’m convinced these essays helped make my son’s application more of a stand-out.”

Lauren A. (student attending Vanderbilt University)

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